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Janie & Joe has brought KAPLA to Malaysia! This amazing Dutch invention is a building block like no other. You can construct with precision and stability and create all kinds of different architectural structures, animals, or extraordinary artistic invention you can imagine!


The Story of KAPLA

KAPLA was invented in 1987 by Tom van der Bruggen. Born in the Netherlands, Tom studied History of Art and dreamt of building a castle! 

Traveling in the south of France, Tom fell in love with an old ruined farm and decided to convert it into the castle of his dreams.

Tom made scale drawings and experimented with wooden blocks to create a model of his dream castle.

He soon realised that the blocks were not well-adapted for building certain critical elements like floors, roofs and lintels.


An Innovative Design Is Born! 

Tom invented his own wooden plank based on the progressions of the uneven numbers, 1:3:5.

Using three thicknesses for one width and five widths for one length, Tom discovered that this ratio between bricks and stones and beams and planks opened up a whole new way of building!


Constructing with Precision and Stability 

With these identical planks, a builder can construct with "the precision of artwork and the stability of stones".

Tom named his planks "KAPLA" which is an abbreviation of Kabouter Plankjes, which means "gnome planks" in Dutch.


The Benefits of Construction Toys

At Janie & Joe, we believe that building blocks and construction toys offer tremendous play and educational benefits to children. From learning how to construct with simple blocks and planks, children will grasp abstractions and algorithms, and learn important mathematical and engineering concepts first-hand.

KAPLA is an ingenious, intelligent building block that will help children develop their ability to adapt to an ever-changing world. With KAPLA, children as well as adults can build and create all kinds of amazing structures!


Bringing KAPLA to Malaysia!

At Janie & Joe, we travel the world to bring you the best toys available for your children.

KAPLA is truly unique and provides educational value as well as fun! You can find KAPLA building sets in Malaysia at Janie & Joe!


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