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Djeco works closely with some of the best artists in France. Author and illustrator Charlotte Labaronne has collaborated with Djeco over many years to produce some of their best-loved products. Janie & Joe adores her artistic style and beautiful illustrations which bring Djeco's wonderful toys to life!


Renowned Children's Books Author and Illustrator

Charlotte Labaronne was born in France and studied illustration at the prestigious École Estienne in Paris.

She illustrates children's books and has developed a deep understanding of the art of story-telling and communication with chldren through illustrations.

Her use of bright, vibrant colours and her lovable depictions of animals gives her an instantly recongnisable style which children adore.

Her vivid illustrations have graced the covers and pages of many children's books in France, including the well-loved "Quand Je Serai Grand" and "Demain, Il Fera Beau".

Charlotte Labaronne is also a respected author in her own right. Several of her books, including her delightful debut "Best Friends" and "Just One Roar" have been translated into English.

Collaboration with Djeco

Djeco's toys and games stand out because not only are they manufactured to the highest quality and standards of safety, but they are beautifully designed, illustrated and packaged.

Key to this design aesthetic is bringing in a variety of artistic styles to Djeco's wide range of products.

Charlotte Labaronne is one of our favourite illustrators. Her works can be found in many of Djeco's popular jigsaw puzzle sets.

Puzzles are a great way for children to develop their logical thinking and fine motor skills, so it is an added bonus for Djeco's beautiful artwork to grace these puzzles!

Animal Parade Giant Puzzle

Animal Parade is a giant, 36-piece super-sized puzzle with a unique shape and is a bestseller at Janie & Joe!

Try to spot the crocodile, butterfly, tortoise, panda, and the teensy-weensy ants, all marching along in their own little parade!

This giant puzzle measures 1.33m long when finished.

Cats Primo Puzzle

Cats Primo Puzzle is a wonderful early introduction to puzzles for toddlers. Watch your child grow in confidence as they try to complete the three different puzzles that increase in diffulty!

Start with the 9 piece ginger cat puzzle and then move on to the 12 piece puzzle. Finally, try to complete the most challenging 16 piece puzzle!

We continue to showcase the many talented artists and designers who work with Djeco in this ongoing series of blog posts.

Please keep following our blog and enjoy browsing our website for Djeco's beautiful toys and games!


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