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We love play food. Children can have role-playing fun in their own "kitchen", develop and practise their fine motor skills, and perhaps most importantly, learn about food groups, nutrition and how to eat well and be healthy!


The Importance of Role Play

Janie & Joe believes Role Play is essential for helping children develop their creativity and imagination and for establishing the foundation for life long skills.

This article is the first in a series about Role Play, highlighting ideas that parents can introduce to children.

Role Play goes beyond the notion of just "dressing up" with costumes (although this is also extremely important and we will have a Blog post dedicated to dressing up!).

Educators promote role play as an essential part of a child's overall development. It feeds the imagination and encourages empathy, and is a powerful way to develop social skills!


Play Food sets are perfect for Role Play!

Play food offers so much more than just pretending to be a whiz in the kitchen!

Play food sets help children learn and develop lifelong foundational skills while having fun!

These unique and entertaining toys offer creative and developmental value.

Fine motor and counting skills, colour and shapes recognition, fraction skills and improved hand/eye coordination are just some of the qualities children will be able to practise and develop.


Janie & Joe carries a full range of play food toys from reputable brands such as Djeco, Learning Resources, Melissa & Doug.

Ask us for tips on putting together role play games to get children excited about their daily meals and healthy nutrition!


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