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Puzzles are very close to our hearts at Janie & Joe! Here are some of our favourite sound puzzles from Melissa & Doug which make great gifts for Xmas.


From Puzzles to Much, Much More!

The decision to create a simple puzzle introduced Melissa and Doug Bernstein to the world of wood and the art of making wooden playthings.

From these humble beginnings, Melissa & Doug branched out from making just puzzles to all manner of wooden toys, arts and crafts, games, pretend play, and much, much more!

Yet, puzzles remain a firm favourite at Melissa & Doug and it's not hard to see why.


Key Building Blocks to Early Learning

At Janie & Joe, we believe that every child can benefit from puzzle play.

Puzzles are one of the key building blocks to early learning.

Here are just a few ways puzzles can help with a child’s development:

Fine Motor Skills. Manipulating the pieces of a puzzle develops the small hand muscles of children. Fine motor skills are so important, yet they take lots of practice and repetition to properly develop. Puzzles encourage this learning!

Hand-Eye Coordination. Puzzles are also crucial for helping build hand-eye coordination. The need to use visual clues like color, shape, or pattern in order to fit pieces together helps develop this skill.

Early Language & Math Concepts. Puzzles can also help teach and reinforce early identification and recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and animals, and help build vocabulary and descriptive skills.


Kids love to master completing a puzzle, and then use their memory skills to engage in the repetition of putting the puzzle together faster and faster.

Since puzzles are self-correcting and only fit together one way, kids get the “I can do it” satisfaction of putting the piece in the proper place.

Completing the puzzle again and again gives children a tremendous sense of accomplishment and builds their confidence!


Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles

Knob Sound Puzzles are ideal for young toddlers. They are a great multisensory way to challenge and entertain little ones.

With just a few large pieces and decorated with delightful artwork, these puzzles come with chunky pieces and easy-to-grasp knobs.

The puzzle pieces fit into distinct recessed spots and make a sound when placed correctly!

Here are some of our favourite puzzles which you can find with many other great toys and games from Melissa & Doug.

Farm Animals Sound Puzzle

Each happy farm animal greets you in its own voice when its animal puzzle piece is placed correctly in this eight-piece wooden peg puzzle!

Your child will enjoy hearing all eight sounds and looking at the full-colour, matching pictures under the pieces, while developing matching and listening skills. This is a besteller at Janie & Joe.

Vehicles Sound Puzzle

Children will love hearing and identifying all the different sounds that vehicles make.

Place a vehicle puzzle piece correctly in the puzzle board and listen to it toot, beep or rumble!


Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle

Place an instrument piece correctly in the puzzle board and listen to it play.

Then remove each wooden piece to discover the identity of each of the instruments!

This is a great introduction to the wonderful parts that make up an orchestra and kids will have fun identifying 8 different musical instruments. 


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